About Empire Photography

The Empire Photography story began in 1978 when Mark and Maggie Smith, while still students themselves at the University of Wisconsin-Madison began photographing campus events at universities and colleges in Chicago. Empire Photography grew, as the Smiths saw a need for special events photography that provides customers with affordable, high-quality photos that forever preserve life’s most memorable moments.

For over 40 years, Empire Photography has been the premier choice for high-quality commencement, sports, greek, and school portrait photography services. With experienced photographers and dedicated customer service, we have created lasting relationships with thousands of organizations throughout the Midwest.

Empire Photography is a member of several professional associations, including Photo Marketing Association of America, Professional Photographers of America, Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association, and School Photographers of America (SPOA).

Our Values

  • Quality

    Highly trained professional photographers provide quality photography to customers. Friendly and knowledgeable office and customer service staff work hard to provide quality service.

  • Partnership

    We strive to provide photography services that are not only high quality for customers, but that also benefit the schools and organizations that we partner with.

  • Family

    In everything that we do, family is key!

  • Authenticity

    We deliver on our promises. No ego. Just great shots.

  • Community

    We are your local photography company, serving and supporting local communities and organizations.

  • Innovation

    Always looking for new ways to serve customers and take better photos.