Why Empire?

We know that we can provide services to your organization/school that far exceed expectations. From our commitment to quality photography, and organized photo day, to the ease of our ordering site, we know that we are the best choice for you!

Over 40 Years of Capturing Memories!

We’ve been a trusted partner in photography to hundreds of organizations and schools throughout our company’s lifespan. Almost all of the organizations that we partnered with all those years ago are still happily working with us today!

Organized Photo Day

Around here we take photo day seriously! We work closely with you to plan an efficient and organized photo day. Our photography teams show up early, work hard to execute the day according to the specifications – all with a positive and professional attitude!

We spend a great deal of time and effort researching and implementing new technology to make photo day more streamlined and efficient. From sign-up software, to paperless matching techniques, we stay on the cutting edge of photography services.

elementary school girl smiling at camera with vibrant backdrop

Experienced Photographers

Because we do so many different types of photography throughout the year, we hire photographers that stick around – and not just for the busy season! Photographers are highly trained and vetted, and are hired based on their stellar personalities and commitment to quality!

One-Stop Shop

From traditional portrait photography to specialized videography services, we are your one-stop shop for all things photo-related!