Fall Portraits

Fall portraits is a tradition that chronicles your child’s passage through the school years. We offer an opportunity for students to take a photo that they will be proud of and parents want to prominently display.

Ideal for framed display and gift-giving, these portraits are also used for yearbooks, student ID cards and many other services we provide our partner schools. Services Include:

  1. Image portal for downloading info flyers, portraits for upload into student data software
  2. Picture Day ID card printing for students and staff
  3. Classroom composites and composite posters
  4. Yearbook services
  5. Service Items (sticker pictures, staff welcome prints, photo directories, etc.)

Additional fall portrait services that school districts can take advantage of:

  • Promotional videography services to show off what makes your district great!
  • Branding/Facility graphics to increase school pride
  • Event and club/group photography for use in yearbooks
  • Photo package vouchers for low-income families
  • Rebate programs available
high school student portrait with neutral backdrop
elementary school girl portrait standing up with arms crossed

Spring Portraits

Empire Photography’s spring school portraits offer casual or studio-style looks, and students have more freedom to create a look that’s truly their own. It’s all about letting students relax and show all of their personality.

Senior Portraits

Senior year is a special time. As your seniors prepare for their future, help them celebrate one of the most memorable years of their lives with an organized opportunity to showcase their personality.

At Empire Photography, we want to make your seniors’ experience one they will remember for years to come.

senior girl looking at camera with crossed arms outside